Slokker biking / running / skiing

Your best eye protection during sporting activity.  

The eyewear for biking and running, but also visorss and goggles for Alpine skiing will provide with maximum visual contrast in changing lighting conditions. Models have polarised lenses or even photochromatic –  automatically darkening in bright sun light and returning to clear in the dark conditions. 

SLOKKER offers helmets with attached, movable visors (goggles) along with a full line of specialized goggles. Made in Italy, only Slokker produces a unique and patented 4-layer polarized and photochromatic (transition) lens with full-face viewing that responds instantly to changing lighting conditions.

Helmets and goggles are available in an assortment of patterns and sizes that reflect your personality and style, including those that provide a comfortable fit over eyeglasses!


  • sunglasses
  • helmets
  • goggles
  • visors
  • reading glasses


MultiLayer lens

The multi-layer treatment of this polycarbonate lens has a strong influence on the color effect and enhances visibility

 Polar 4 photochromic adaptive lens

High-tech lens with photochromic features and 4 layer polarizing filter. The lens combines the advantages of dimming or brightening light with a maximum filtering of diffuse light for good visual contrast (Polar 4 labels). Suitable for all kinds of sport, ideally for changing lighting conditions.

Photochromatic adaptive system

The photochromic polycarbonate lens changes its tint according to the strength of UV rays. It darkens in bright sun light and returns to clear when the luminosity decreases. Suitable for all kinds of sport, ideally for changing lighting conditions.