Salewa ALP TRAINER 35+3 1910

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Salewa 35+3L Backpack


A comfortable, well-ventilated technical alpine trekking & hiking pack, with reduced contact surface and split shoulder straps for increased breathability and twin compression system for load control.The ALP TRAINER 35+3 is our technical alpine hiking pack for two to three day hikes, featuring our new AIR FIT 2.0 carrying system that is designed specifically to keep your back dry. It has 25% less surface area contact than our previous constructions and reduces contact without impairing load control. Its built-in ventilation system with breathable materials lets greater airflow get to your back. This significantly reduces the temperature between the body and pack by 1.6°C after 15 minutes.

Lightweight split shoulder straps also reduce body contact, promoting greater perspiration and comfort, enhanced airflow and increased mobility. In addition, the Twin Compression System (TCS) allows you to cinch the pack in to keep the load close to your back, preventing stumbling during fast moving activities. And it also lets you adjust the volume quickly and easily when you are carrying less.


  • Raincover
  • ISB Board
  • Hydration System Exit
  • Hip belt pocket
  • Separate bottom compartment
  • Side pockets
  • Additional volume
  • Load control strap
  • Side tube guides provided for a hydration system
  • Height adjustable hood
  • Gear attachment strap
  • Twin Compression System (TCS)
  • Pole fastening
  • On the go pockets
  • Split hipbelt
  • Split shoulder strap
  • Compatible with Salewa flask holder




Weight 1352g
Volume 35l
Material 100Dx280D Nylon Twill
Measures 65x23x30cm
Colour red
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