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The Lite Train is specifically designed for speed hiking and mountain training, a new product concept from SALEWA. Developed in partnership with MICHELIN® Technical Soles, the design is focused on total grip and saving weight. The aggressive lugged outsole ensures perfect traction, so you can concentrate on your training and enjoy the mountains, whether rapid hiking, technical trail running or uphill interval training.

The shoe is built around MICHELIN®’s Lite Train outsole, which was developed exclusively with SALEWA. Its special Outdoor Compound has a sculpted and grooved design, inspired by mountain biking tires, that delivers excellent slope-crossing traction and optimal adaptability on soft and uneven terrain.

Additionally, SALEWA’s 3F Total System provides additional support to the mid foot by extending the 3F System into the lacing area. This increases stability and gives a more precise fit. A cushioning Ortholite® footbed wicks away moisture, helping to keep your feet cool. 

Michelin® Lite Train

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