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Salewa sleeping mat DIADEM LIGHT MAT 4500

34,90 €

Sleeping mat for 4-season


SKU: 3568
Weight: 330g
Volume: Ø15x51 cm
Measures: 183x51x1.5 cm
Unit: tk
Qty: In Stock

Diadem Light Mat offers portable warmth in a lightweight, rollable and virtually indestructible design. The dual-construction closed cell foam can tear or puncture and still retain its full insulation performance. As such, it’s a reliable workhorse.

Measuring 183 centimetres by 51 centimetres and 1.5 centimetres thick, it weighs just 330 grams. The closed cell foam design gives an insulation rating (R-value) of 1.5.

With an anti-slip covering on the base to help you sleep more comfortably – and wake up where you started out.

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