The brand belongs to the Brugi Group, a leading supplier of sporting goods in Europe for over 60 years.

In a more affordable price range, practical sports products that are easy to maintain.

All AST products are OEKO-TEX® certified, fabrics do not irritate the skin during exercise. You will find everything you need for training, in different sports and in different weather.

Product categories: running shoes, running shoes, bike shirts, bike pants, strollers, fitness pants AST Technology: 3 layer soft protection - inside the fabric there is a membrane that provides excellent breathability and water resistance.

Taped seams - A thin cord is glued onto the seams to ensure maximum waterproofness

Windrpoof - The fabric structure provides permanent protection for your body from wind during use.

Thermo cool - The smart fiber structure inside the fabric provides a cooling effect as well as an optimal thermoregulation when the moisture is evaporated.

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