Salewa CAMMINO 60L 8181

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Designed for extended, multi-day alpine treks where you need to take more with you, the Cammino 60+10 is a comfortable trekking pack made of lightweight, very abrasion-resistant nylon with a fully-adjustable carrying system and generous capacity of 60 litres.

As the updated version of our best-selling trekking pack, it features our easy-adjust Custom-Fit carrying system with an adjustable back length plus anatomically-shaped, padded shoulder straps and hipbelt for an individualised fit. In addition, load lifter straps ensure optimal back fit over long distances, while the pre-shaped hipfin guarantees a snug fit and good load transfer to your hips. Large storage pockets provide plenty of room for spare clothing or your tent poles and there’s a separate front compartment. For quick and easy access to important items en route, the on-the-go pockets are easy to reach without having to remove the pack from your back.

With ice-pick/ trekking pole attachment, load control and side compression straps plus the option to carry additional volume (10 litres) under the detachable, height-adjustable lid.


Kaal 1710gr
Mahutavus 60+10 L
Mõõdud 77 x 37 x 30 cm
Värvus tumesinine
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