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Dynafit SPEED MTN GTX 905

161,92 € 215,99 €

Speed Mountain Gore-Tex® shoe 


Prekės kodas: 64036
Prekinis ženklas:
Kaal: 390 g
Materjal: Speed MTN outsole,Gore-Tex®
Mat.vienetas: paar
Kiekis: Yra sandėlyje
ESTO järelmaks kuumaks al. 14,12 €

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The Speed MTN Shoe is a tough, yet extremely lightweight and at the same time very comfortable shoe for alpine terrain. The sole is impressive in its balanced blend of grip and traction, which offers perfect footing and hold on both rock and soft surfaces as well as the guarantee of dynamic movement. The quick lacing system is uncomplicated and saves time. A GORE-TEX® membrane ensures feet stay dry even in passing showers and on muddy terrain.

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