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Dynafit Transalper 18 8940

129,90 €

Dynafit backbag


Prekės kodas: 48827
Prekinis ženklas:
Kaal: 220g
Mahutavus: 18l
Materjal: Honeycomb,Elastic Airmesh
Värvus: must-sinine
Mat.vienetas: tk
Kiekis: Yra sandėlyje
ESTO järelmaks kuumaks al. 11,33 €
18 liter Speed Mountaineering backpack with numerous features
The Transalper Backpack with a pack volume of 18L offers ample space for food and gear for long outings and still only weighs in at a mere 220g. In addition to numerous features such as a waterproof inner pocket and a Speed Bottle attachment, the Transalper 18 also has a hook-and-loop closure pocket accessible from the outside just for crampons. Poles can be stowed and attached quickly and easily in their own pocket without needing to take off the pack.

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