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 Salewa 6mm rope

 The high-strength lightweight in the snow - the new standard for knotting loops for use in Alpine climbing or technical mountaineering. The newly developed material is characterised by a breaking strength of more than 15 kN, maximum weight savings and high UV resistance. The mastercord is available in four pre-cut lengths and covers a wide range of applications: from standing, interim saving and self-belaying, to prusik, hoisting and even threading a sling through hourglasses. Colour coding of the Salewa bands and accessory cords: For fast identification of the correct sling on the belt, the cords are classified by a uniform colour system - for easy and safe handling. The primary colours green, blue, red or grey indicate the length of the cords. High-strength materials (Dyneema or UHMWPE) can be identified by an additional white component, while nylon and PES cords are indicated either by black or no additional colour.


  • Lightweight and high strength (>15kN); lighter and stronger than Kevlar
  • Sealed ends
  • Ultra high-strength polyethylene (same as Dyneema) 
  • High UV resistance
  • Areas of application: stand construction, intermediate fixing point, extended stand construction, belaying, prusik, pulley, threading
  • Available in 4 lengths
Kaal 70g
Materjal UHMWPE (like Dyneema)
Mõõdud 120 ( 293 cm )
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