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Kids full body harness

A fully adjustable kids’ full body harness that offers maximum safety and comfort for younger children .The Rookie FB is an adjustable kids’ full body harness designed to offer maximum safety and comfort for younger children.

The comfortable padded webbing panels of the chest harness and leg loops maintain the shape – making it easier to put on and take off. For extra safety, the tie-in loops are in bright, contrasting colours to make visual checking easier.
With 90SafX buckles for easy adjustment, maximum safety and full adjustability for growing children. In addition, the padding design and elasticated inserts allow the harness to literally grow with your kids.


  • Three 90SafX buckles in basic version make for easy adjustment and maximum safety
  • 3D vapor mesh offers highest seating comfort and outstanding breathability
  • Elastic inserts at the back and geometric arrangement of upholstered elements guarantee optimum fit even for a growing child
  • Tie-in points in contrasting colors simplify visual checks
  • Padded panels keep the harness in shape, simplifying donning.
  • max. 130cm, 40kg


Kaal 415g
Mõõdud Rinnaümbermõõt: 38-52cm,Jalaümbermõõt 0-52cm(max)
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