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Mens GORE-TEX mounteneering boots

Vultur Vertical GTX is an extremely robust high-cut boot. For mixed routes and ice climbing, the stiff nylon insole, ergonomic Pebax® midsole and Vibram® SALEWA PRO outsole provide compatibility with full-automatic/ step-in crampons (i.e. there is a heel and toe welt), while still allowing good walkability.

Inside, the breathable GORE-TEX® Duratherm XL® membrane will keep your feet and toes super dry and warm even in colder conditions. Customizable fit technologies allow you to tailor your boots to the unique shape of your foot. Climbing Lacing offers accurate adjustment in the toe-area for greater climbing precision. Our trademark SALEWA 3F System connects the instep area with the sole and heel, ensuring flexibility and support. The multi-layer MFF+ footbed allows customization with two interchangeable layers. And the Flex Collar increases the ankle’s rear range of motion and comfort during descents.



Kaal 950 g
Materjal GORE-TEX®
Meeste suurus 45
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