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Mens merino shirt


Built with a bodymapped design to help you enjoy your activity more and for longer, we combine merino and polyamide fibres with Responsive smart synthetic yarns that contain a unique blend of natural thermoreactive minerals. Responsive has the ability to absorb Far-infrared radiation (FIR) from your body and slowly release it back into the muscle tissue over time. The resulting increased blood flow, cellular performance and oxygenation leads to longer-lasting warmth, better performance and faster recovery. What’s more, Responsive is permanent and does not wash out.


The Zebru Long Sleeve has a tight, close-fitting athletic cut that requires no elastane, while its polyamide content makes it more hardwearing and supports shape retention. The advanced circular knitting process results in a seamless one-piece torso for greater comfort without chafing. Thanks to its high percentage of merino wool (64% WO 36% PA), the Zebru also naturally fights body odour build-up.


A technical long-sleeved merino baselayer that offers wicking, warmth and temperature regulation for high-intensity use in varied conditions. 


ALPINE WOOL® NYLON YARN BLEND  (83% Virgin Wool 17% Polyamide), RESPONSIVE ELASTIC NYLON YARN  (74% Polyamide 26% Elastane)

Kaal 157 g (50/L)
Materjal ALPINE WOOL® NYLON YARN BLEND (83% Virgin Wool 17% Polyamide), RESPONSIVE NYLON YARN (100% Polyamide)
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