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Dynafit FELINE X7 MEN 0333

127,92 € 159,90 €

Running shoes


Produkta kods : 64015
Kaal: 299g
Meeste suurus: 42,5
Vienība: paar
Daudzums: Noliktavā
ESTO järelmaks kuumaks al. 11,15 €
Mountain running shoes with traction for any terrain. With BOA closure system.
Feline X7 has been developed specifically for itineraries which alternate mountain running and ski touring, reducing the time required to change footwear, and facilitating the rapid adjustment of fit through the use of the Boa® lacing system. Good balance between grip on rock and traction on mud and grass of the Vibram® Mapping Compound sole, are combined with the Multipad midsole, designed to dynamically adapt to the challenges of the terrain. The precise, hugging fit provided by the Sensitive Fit system benefits from the addition of the Ortholite® footbed in memory foam, which ensures out-of-the-box comfort.

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