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10,74 € 17,90 €

Short socks


Produkta kods : 71525
Kaal: 30 g
Materjal: 87% Polyamide 11% Polypropylene 2% Elastane
Vienība: paar
Daudzums: Noliktavā

* Unisex

* Värvus

Short hiking socks that lend comfortable temperature regulation for feet with their efficient moisture management.


The short Transalper Socks ensure optimal temperature regulation when mountaineering and are ideal for low-cut shoes.

The Transalper Socks guarantee you get excellent moisture transport to maintain well-regulated feet. Mesh zones increase breathability more, and your skin stays dry even on intense approaches. A tight knit construction offers your midfoot and ankle additional support and effectively prevents abrasion. The well-thought-out cushioning offers that little extra bit of comfort when you have a lot ahead of you. The Transalper Socks not only score though with their performance: Their stylish color blocking lends color pop and rounds out your outfit well.

Transalper Socks – No chance for blisters or pressure points.

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