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Dynafit womens vest Vert Wind 49 0911

39,96 € 99,90 €

Women´s vest


Produkta kods : 71005
Naiste suurus: 42/XL
Vienība: tk
Daudzums: Noliktavā
Extremely lightweight, wind-resistant vest.
At just 50 grams, the Vert Wind Vest doesn’t weigh any more than an energy bar. It was developed to protect the upper body from chills when running in windy condition. Its weight and packsize are so minimal that you will hardly know it’s there when wearing it or carrying it in a pocket. The material is very breathable, wind- and waterresistant and feels pleasantly soft against your skin. Strategically placed laser perforations on the front and back of the vest ensure both ventilation and ideal comfort. Reflectivity on the back and front of the vest ensures you can be seen when running at twilight, at night or in the dark.

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