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Salewa beanie CRISTALLO 0910

27,93 € 39,90 €

Merino beanie


Produkta kods : 28169
Kaal: 30g (UNI58)
Materjal: 78% Merino wool 22% Polyamide
Värvus: must
Suurus: UNI58
Vienība: tk
Daudzums: Noliktavā

This soft, hybrid merino beanie is made using a special knitting process that spins superfine merino wool yarn around a nylon core. This process makes the resulting fibre not only lighter and stronger, but also gives it extra stretch. With thermoreactive Responsive technology and flatlock seams for additional comfort. The thinner weight fabric fits nicely under a helmet.

This is a SALEWA® Committed product and meets additional strict environmentally-friendly and sustainability criteria.

  • Fine structure
  • Comfortable fit through flat lock seams
  • Best ratio weight/warmth/breathability due to loads of air cushions
  • Stretchy and durable due to the yarn construction including a light Polyamide core
  • Natural properties of wool fibre are boosted through the innovative spinning
  • The flat and soft yarn ensures wearing comfort next to skin

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