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Womens Gore-TEX hiking shoes

Inside the highly abrasion-resistant suede leather and microfibre upper, the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort liner provides maximum comfort for a wide variety of climate ranges. It keeps your feet dry in wet weather, but still allows moisture vapour to escape when you are working hard.

To further enhance climbing precision, the Wildfire Edge’s insole incorporates an additional stiff Edging Plate in the insole right under the forefoot for extra, directional stiffness, while the rest of the insole remains flexible to ensure good comfort and a natural rolling motion.

The Pomoca Speed MTN sole is made of sticky rubber for extra grip and friction on smooth rock and slabs. The outsole design offers a balance of grip and traction and has a special lug profile that has been proven on mud and soft terrain. It provides effective grip in both wet and dry conditions.

For enhanced torsional stability, the Exa shell protects and wraps the foot preventing internal foot slipping. The 3F System wraps the foot to guarantee a good fit and provide support whilst still allowing flexibility. Climbing Lacing provides an adjustable fit right down to the toe. The high-quality Multi Fit Footbed Plus (MFF+) has interchangeable sections so you can fine-tune it to the shape of your foot. This shoe is made with our trademark Alpine Fit and 100% blister free guarantee.

A specialist, adaptable shoe for moving freely in complex, technical and exposed terrain.

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